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Åland - in between Sweden and Finland:

Sweden - Åland - Finland

Alternatives Routes to Åland:


Kökar - as far out as one can get in the Åland archipelago:

Åland Kökar

The strong recommendation is travel by boat / ferries. (You can fly If you can afford renting an airplane and If you want to miss an exceptional experience - a wonderful cruise through the Åland archipelago.) For travel by water and if you don't take your own boat, some different alternatives are presented below. (Time estimates are rough and do vary on each operators' time schedules. There's a time difference (+1h) between Sweden and Åland-Kökar-Finland.)

From Sweden:

Typically a trip in three phases (water, land, water):

  1. 1(a) Take any of the "Åland/Finland Ferries" from Stockholm, Kapellskär or Grisslehamn on the Swedish main land to Mariehamn (ferries from Grisslehamn arrives in Eckerö).2.5 h Kapellskär-Mariehamn, 6h Stockholm-Mariehamn, 2h Grisslehamn-Eckerö.
  2. Car or buss over the Åland main land to Långnäs in Lumparland (geographical area). Plan with 1h...
  3. 2(a) Any Inter-Island ferry on the Southern route ("Södra Linjen") brings you Kökar. 2.5h ferry trip in a wonderful archipelago.
From Finland:

Two main alternatives:

  1. 1(b) "Åland/Finland Ferries" from Åbo or Helsinki to Mariehamn (some ferries even make a short stop in Långnäs on their way). Then as 2(a) above.
  2. 2(b) Directly from Galtby in Korpo on the Finnish main land out to Kökar. Some of the inter-Island ferries on Southern route ("Södra Linjen") goes all the way between Åland and Galtby with several stops on different islands, including Kökar. 2.5h.

Åland-/Finland- Ferries - between Sweden-Åland-Finland:

Viking Line
Storagatan 2, FIN-22100 Mariehamn Phone. +358 (0)18
26011, fax -26116. ,

Silja Line
Norragatan 2, FIN-22100 Mariehamn Phone. +358 (0)18 16711, fax -16310. ,

Eckerö Linjen
Grisslehamn Tel., Phone +46 (0)175-30920, logi -30910, fax -30820, -33054.

Inter-Island Ferries, "Landskapfärjorna" - between Åland-Kökar-Finland. Note! Southern route, "Södra Linjen"

Strandgatan 25, FIN-22100 Mariehamn Tel. +358 (0)18
25155, fax -17815.

See also Åland Official Internet Guide,, for additional information.

Kökar - Mainland

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